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Tear Jerker / My Candy Love

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For a game that starts off with you chasing the principal's dog around the school, it has some pretty sad moments:
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  • Episode 16 is the most emotional episode so far for your candy. Not only does Castiel tell her that he never wants to talk to her again, but the whole school, including her closest friends, is ignoring her for something she didn't do, and even Nathaniel, who knows she's innocent, refuses to help her, thanks to what happened last time he tried to tell everyone about Deborah (although he regrets not helping later.)
  • Though it completely and utterly pales in comparison to episode 23. Nathaniel is beaten at home. Your candy, when her suspicions are confirmed, calls the police, of course, but Nathaniel rejects your attempts to help him and tells you he will never forgive you. It's all fixed at the end, of course, but...
    • What makes this even worse is that Nathaniel's mother knows that her husband is beating her son, and just looks the other way.
    • When Nathaniel attempts to deal with his father himself and give him one last chance to be a good father... only to get a black eye for his efforts.
  • Episode 31, too. Lysander has completely lost his memory of all the times he's spent with your candy, and it's heavily implied he hasn't completely gotten over his feelings for Rosalya. Even worse if you're on his route.
  • In episode 32 in Nathaniel's route, he talks about how even though the situation with his parents is technically resolved, he wishes that his mother would try to help him and emotionally support him. Even though he has your candy, it's still very sad (and very realistic) seeing how growing up in an abusive household can affect someone.
  • In episode 36, the fight between the twins is pretty upsetting to watch, considering how close they are; both are convinced they were right, Armin just wants the truth about their biological parents, while Alexy is incredibly upset and feels like Armin is betraying their family. It's easy to see where both of them are coming from.
  • In episode 37, Kentin screaming at your candy when she tries to stop his self-destructive rebellion, and her realizing that much as she loves to help others (especially someone she's been friends with for years and is possibly dating) she's helpless in this case.
  • In episode 38, the flashback to Kentin at military school: he's alone, can't keep up in a place he just does not belong in, ostracized by his peers, and when he calls his father crying, Giles hangs up on him. Later on he tells you they did things to him he doesn't even want to talk about (and considering what he DOES tell you about... poor kid.)
    • Evan's whole backstory: losing his whole family at the age of 10 and being sent to a harsh military school, where he was bullied severely and raped. He developed his reckless and inconsiderate behavior as a result of all this trauma.

  • We start off the game strong. Remember that relationship you spent 40 episodes and countless money, AP, and time on nurturing? Gone before episode 0 even begins. According to Candy, the reason why she and her first love broke up was because of distance and poor communication which is sadly what kills a lot of highschool relationship in real life.
    • To make it even sadder, a couple of thoughts from Candy show that even though she's getting into a new relationship, she will never forget her HSL boyfriend and how much she cared for him. Of course, if Castiel or Nathaniel was your ex and you get back with them, then this doesn't really apply.
    • And actually this sort of applies to some of your HSL friends. Only Kim and Melody have made a return so far.
  • When you meet up with Alexy again, he tells you that Armin is working far away for some IT company and barely remembers to show up for family reunions. If your candy previously dated him, she'll note that it's very sad to see Armin distance himself not only from her, but from Alexy.
  • Rosalya's miscarriage in episode 10. Both Rosa's and Leigh's reactions are heartbreaking.
    • Speaking of Leigh, his parents are dead, his brother is taking care of their farm alone (though he occasionally goes over to help) and he loses his child. That much stress could break a man.

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