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Tear Jerker / Munto

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  • Kazuya's backstory. Grew up alone, went on the dark path and reached the point of killing himself. And even when Suzume saved him, he still had problems and nearly ended up killing himself anyways. It's more the matter-of-fact way he states it than anything.
  • Yumemi's history. Since she can see things no one else can, she was ostracized. When Ichiko and Suzume make friends with her because of this, we end up with tears of a different kind.
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  • The deaths of Munto's parents. Dear lord.
  • When Gass dives into battle for the last time we have Irita crying and call his name. Considering she looks like a kid in a world that doesn't allow children for energy reasons, he's probably the only person she has in the world.
    • And then there is that shot of her crying into Leica's chest after his Heroic Sacrifice.

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