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Tear Jerker / Mr. Bean

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His only iconic car...

  • You have to feel sorry for poor, oblivious Mr. Bean when his girlfriend walks out on him in the middle of their Christmas evening together. After botching the dinner, they sit down to exchange gifts; unfortunately Mr. Bean has bought the wrong thing (when Irma pointed to an engagement ring in the store, Mr. Bean thought she was pointing to the portrait behind the ring). She starts to cry, but then Bean initially cheers her up by showing her the ring. At first she's happy...but then it turns out to be the hook that hangs the picture. Realizing she isn't getting the romantic proposal she thought she was, she tearfully runs out the door, just as Bean is cheerily hanging the portrait on the mantle. What sells it is Mr. Bean's hurt response to the door slamming.
    Mr. Bean: "W... what was wrong with it?"
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  • His reaction to his iconic car being run over by a tank has produced many a sniffle.
  • And also in the New-Years-Eve-Episode, when Bean realizes that his "friends" set his clock ahead to get away from him earlier and celebrate somewhere else. And to follow on from this, there is something incredibly heartbreaking about a man who sends himself birthday and Christmas cards as it implies two things: 1) that he desperately wants friends but is unable to get them due to his personality and 2) that Teddy is his only friend in the world post his breakup with Irma. Knowing this, it actually adds another layer onto that New Year's Eve party as he was probably very excited that he had finally made some friends only to realise that he hadn't in the worst possible way.

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