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Tear Jerker / Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

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The Books

  • Emma's story of Abe
    Jacob: I'm sorry. I had no idea.
    Emma: It's an old story. I don't drag it out much anymore.
    Jacob: You blame him for being stuck here.
    Emma: Who says I'm stuck? [sigh] No, I don't blame him. Just miss him is all.
    Jacob: Still?
    Emma: Every day.

The Film

  • Miss Peregrine giving herself up to Barron in order to save Jake and her tearful goodbye to the children.
    Miss Peregrine: It was my privilege to care for you all. Goodbye, my children.
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  • Miss Peregrine visiting Victor's corpse. She holds him in her arms and silently cries, heartbroken that she failed to protect him.
  • Abe's death. It becomes even worse in retrospect, after Jake's flashbacks, because then you get a good look at just what a great grandpa he was to Jake.
  • Right after Mr. Barron takes Miss Peregrine and the kids are preparing to combat the Hollow, Jake answers the phone-call that comes every night... Which happens to be Abe, calling in to check on Miss Peregrine and the kids. Jake tearfully tells Abe that he was the best grandfather he could have asked for, and that he's sorry if he disappointed him.
    • Made even worse when you realise the loop broke on this night, meaning this phone call is the one Abe remembers according to the movie's time travel laws. Abe knew throughout all of his life that his grandson would be Peculiar too and that he would one day die without being able to properly say goodbye to his grandson, which was very easy for Abe to guess from what Jake was saying.

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