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Tear Jerker / Midnight Screenings

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  • A small one, from the Midnight Screenings review of A Madea Christmas. Apparently, it was so bad, it almost destroyed their ability to enjoy movies altogether.
    "I used to enjoy coming here."
  • Brad during the Endless Love review. His Heroic BSoD is quite possibly the most broken we've seen him. He even lampshades that without Jillian, it would've been the most depressing video he's ever made.
    • In describing the movie, Jillian was asking if its stupidity made his brain melty. His response? "It made my soul melty."
  • Mom's Night Out sending Dave into yet another Heroic BSoD.
    Dave: I hate movies now.
  • During the When The Game Stands Tall review, Jake admits that he grew up in a violent household.
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  • In the WarCraft video, Brad revealed that Violet's breakup with him was done in a text. Despite the fact that they were engaged.
  • Brad in the Barbershop: The Next Cut review: "I wish I had hair. What's it like going to a barber shop? It seems really fun."
  • To say Brad felt bad about how the autistic children featured in Vaxxed were being taken advantage of in such a Documentary of Lies and have borderline-emotionally Abusive Parents is an understatement.
  • Brad and Jake's fallout. Especially, given how close the two were prior to that.
  • Brad and Allison’s fallout. Considering the two were Like Brother and Sister much like him and Sarah.
  • Brian Lewis revealing that part of the reason he left Team Snob was because he believed #ChangeTheChannel's accounts of mistreatment by Channel Awesome, and that he hasn't talked to Brad or Ryan since he left. Other statements by Brian suggest that he's become disillusioned with Brad.
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  • At the end of the Friday Night Movies review of Annabelle Comes Home, The Dead Don’t Die and Yesterday (2019), Laura talks about her father’s recent suicide and the need for people to recognize the warning signs of suicide before it’s too late. She relates the story to the latter film in that her father was a huge fan of The Beatles, and she wishes he could have lived to, among other things, see the film. As if that wasn’t enough to qualify for this page, she also relates how she and Brad were swatted the day of her father’s funeral and how someone they knew dismissed this and called her a liar over it. Recounting the latter incident leaves her visibly furious and emotional, even with Brad by her side.

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