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Tear Jerker / Michiko & Hatchin

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  • A cop accidentally shooting an old woman while chasing after Michiko in episode 21. She only had about a minute of screen time prior to the event, but it was enough to leave an impression. We see two people crying for her and the cop who did it in a state of shock; he will most likely regret it for the rest of his life.
  • The end of episode 19. Hatchin is being taken away by Satoshi on Michiko's bike. Michiko runs after them, yelling for Hatchin to jump, which is sad enough. Atsuko stops her ("What about my feelings?"), but Michiko explains that she's going after Hatchin no matter what, and "if you try to stop me I'll go all out". Atsuko coldly tells her that the next time they meet they are strangers. As Michiko leaves, she walks back to her men - sobbing - and stops them from pursuing her.
  • And of course, there's also Hatchin's abusive family situation before Michiko shows up. Poor girl just felt so hopeless.
    • When you make Harry Potter's homelife seem good in comparison, you know your life sucks.
  • In the final episode, Michiko arranges a plane for Hana and Hiroshi to leave together so that he can take care of her while she does jail time. Michiko decides to see her off while driving alongside the plane as it lifts off the ground. Cue Hana literally screaming for Michiko and begging to stop the plane as she realizes how much she needed Michiko, despite their differences.
  • The rather dark ending for Pepe Lima and her little sister.
  • Asshole Victim as he was, Shinsuke's death and how little Satoshi reacts was oddly poignant, considering that he was the one who killed him in the first place.


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