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Tear Jerker / Michael Vey

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  • Michael's mother getting kidnapped.
    • On the subject, Michael finding out that Taylor also got kidnapped. Adult Fear sets in when her adoptive parents believe she ran away because of Parental Abandonment issues.
  • Michael and Taylor's moment at the pool in the second book, particularly when she told him that it was okay for him to cry.
  • Wade's death in book 3. Not only does this give Ian massive guilt for not being able to sense his killer, but it utterly destroys Jack, who was the closest to him. What really sets it was when Michael noticed it was the first time he (and the rest of the Electroclan) ever saw Jack crying.
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  • The birthday party at the end of book 3, combined with Heartwarming Moments.
  • Tessa finding out that the Amacarra Tribe was wiped out.
  • If Hunt for Jade Dragon didn't make you want Hatch's blood, I don't know what will. Thanks to Tara's illusion creating abilities, she has Hatch take the form of Michael's father, claiming that he was Faking the Dead and that Hatch was only pretending to be evil to lower Chairman Schema's guard. Because the illusion was so real, he was actually fooled into telling Hatch the location of the resistance's hideout. Things get worse when at the end of the book, he learns that the hideout was attacked and that there are no known survivors. Michael has a Heroic BSoD when he finds out that he may have cause the deaths of his and Taylor's mother and Ostin's parents.
    • The blow is softened when book 5 reveals that everybody survived and that the Voice only lied about everybody dying in-case the Elgen were wire-tapping, but Michael and Ostin spending the first portion of the book angry and worried about what had happened is still unsettling.
  • Quentin finding out that Hatch plans on executing EGG Welch for his failure to stop the Electroclan. We learn that Quentin and Welch were close in a father-son type relationship.
  • Gervaso and Tanner's deaths in book 6. Gervaso at least manages to pull a Taking You with Me when he's ambushed by the Elgen soldiers, but Tanner just gets hit by bomb shrapnel out of the blue and barely lives long enough for some last words.
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  • The ending of book six. MICHAEL IS DEAD!!!????

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