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Tear Jerker / Matthew Santoro

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Matthew Santoro's videos are usually funny and lighthearted, but even they have their sad moments.

  • The aftermath of Matt and Marci breaking up, as explained in What Happened (Explanation).
  • Matt losing his job as an accountant in I Lost My Job Today. It's clear that, even though it wasn't a very fun job, Matt was sad about it.
  • Near the beginning of Autumn is AWESOME!, Eugene is stressed out that there's no more sunshine. The sad voice he says "Bring back the sunshine!" in makes you feel bad for him.
  • My Reaction to Hitting 1 MILLION Subscribers is very heartwarming, but is also sad when Matt mentions how he used to get very few views and felt like quitting from time to time.
    • Him breaking down in tears was also pretty jarring to watch.
  • In Why Lying is OK!, Eugene is sad that he doesn't get to talk much anymore. Poor guy.
  • Most of the things said in The Death of Robin Williams.. Matt talks about the suicide of Robin Williams, and mentions how he himself has been depressed from time to time.
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  • In Mail with Matt #3, Matt says that Lorrenzo and Big Shine retired and now reside in Florida. It makes you miss them, especially if you liked them.
  • Most of Matt's vlog Bad Days Happen is Matt saying that he's just had a bad day. Especially tearjerking, since he's usually a happy guy.
  • In World of Warcraft BEATDOWN, Big Shine sees a negative comment left on one of Matt's videos, and goes out to find the poster of it so he can beat them up. When he gets back, he says that he beat up the poster, Timmy Burns, who's only 8 years old. Matt calls him out on it. As funny as it is, you can't help but feel bad for Timmy.
  • At the end of A New Planet & Antimatter!, Eugene drops the anti-matter container, killing Matt. Matt goes to heaven, and St. Peter implies that Matt will go to hell, since he was never nice to Hugo. St. Peter does change his mind and lets Matt go back to Earth, but the thought of Matt going to hell is still sad.
  • His best friend, Rob Dyke, has recently revealed in an interview that Matthew's ex-girlfriend, Nicole Arbour (who was under fire for her "Dear Fat People" video at the time), was physically and emotionally abusive towards him.
    • It's worse when Rob explains, with Tranquil Fury, that Nicole caused Matt to suffer his first anxiety attack, even more when Nicole struck him too.
  • "My Abuse Story", all of it. Matthew explains about his relationship with Nicole Arbour (although he doesn't mention her by name) and how much he began to change because of her and her controlling nature onto him and in a sense, emotionally abusive to him. Matt breaks down crying. Crying. Just the way he describes the abuse and when Nicole struck him, he struggles with the words. Just the idea that Matt, a bubbly and lovable guy would be in this type of relationship is depressing, this also changes the viewers prospective of his videos since this terrible experience had been happening for eight months. It's telling too when he uses an expletive to describe how scared he was to tell people what he was dealing with, describing as "nobody would give a shit".
  • "There's Something I Never Told You", wherein Matt confesses that he has Depression. The somber music is already enough to set the mood, but a shot of Matt going from stoically sad to his cheerful on-screen persona is a testament to the struggles he has to go through. That said, the movie does end on a positive note, with Matt vowing that he's going to do whatever it takes to get over it.


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