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Tear Jerker / Martin

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  • "Forever Sheneneh" has a moment where she confides to Gina about how excited she is to meet Kid, how she's a big fan of him, and states that good things like this aren't supposed to happen to her. Once Sheneneh drops that bravado of hers, it's sad that she can't expect much in her love life and that Sheneneh's cockiness was a way of faking it until she makes it, her conceit is the only thing that prevents Sheneneh from being put down.
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  • "The Break Up, Part 1" has Martin and Gina getting into an argument over the latter's unusual present to the former (an artistic statue of a man's buttocks) before breaking up. Later in the episode, they meet with one another and start to reconcile, only for Gina to discover that Martin, in a fit of anger, had thrown all of her stuff in a box...and destroyed her gift. This leads to another argument in which they hurl insults at one another before yelling "Shut up!" at each other. After a pause, Gina acknowledges she's very unhappy and would rather be unhappy than be with Martin, then leaves Martin in the apartment.
  • The end of the series finale, "California, Here We Come" is quite emotional for a show that indulged in absurd humor. After Martin shares a heartfelt goodbye with Tommy and Cole, a montage of clips play showcasing the happier times. Martin then writes his catchphrase “1 Luv” on the apartment wall. As he leaves, Martin sadly takes one last look and literally thanks the apartment for the memories, followed by a thunderous studio applause.

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