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Tear Jerker / Mark Prindle

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  • His recounting of what he did on 9/11 in his review for Bruce Springsteen's The Rising is surprisingly real for a guy who barely ever plays anything straight. It's quite sad, especially the last paragraph:
Reminders still bring it back though. My wife and I went down to Ground Zero right when they started letting people down there, and the wreckage - part of the building was still UP! It was a just a horrible huge jagged piece of metal where those huge buildings used to be. And there were cards, toys and flowers all over a nearby fence - cards saying things like, "You were the best son ever. Love, Mommy and Daddy." and "You left early this morning and I didn't get to kiss you goodbye. I will never forgive myself for not waking up to tell you I love you." Too much pain.


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