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Tear Jerker / March Comes in Like a Lion

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  • The reason why Rei plays Shogi. He didn't do it for the love of the sport, but it's the only connection to his father back when he's still alive... Now that his father's gone, Rei keeps on playing because there is nothing else he is good at in his life. The Kouda family who took him in ended up getting torn apart because Rei was so damn good at Shogi, Masachika Kouda started playing favorite. Kyouko's behavior afterwards is almost justified.
    • Worse? Rei knows this and tries to fix it to no avail. In the very first episode, Rei won his Shogi against his foster guardian. But the man continues to be oblivious. It only gets slightly better in the tail end of season 1 in the anime, when Masachika warms up enough to phone Kiriyama asking about Kyouko.
  • The flashback where Rei first competes against Nikaidou. Rei played for a mere living. But Nikaidou, ill as heck, desperately clung on wanting to win in a board game he truly loved, and failed.
    • And then comes Chapter 61 where Nikaidou collapses for real in a match just before long promised face-off with Kiriyama. Shimada recalls his time with Nikaidou when he concludes that this rich kid didn't pick up Shogi simply for passing interest; he couldn't even play other sports like a normal kid if he wanted to.
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  • Rei's rant/breakdown in Episode 10/Chapter 21. Just about the entirety of that scene.
  • How Shimada is so damn close to winning his match against Souya, had he not let his worries clouded his judgement.
    • On that note, Kumakura making a hole in a wall in second season. Just to drive it home that even the 'masters' had that moment where they disappointed in themselves.
  • After Chiho Sakura leaves the school due to bullying issue, she never attended any school since and had to be looked after in special education. Meanwhile, the rest of the classroom acted like nothing happened.
    • Hinata tries to write a letter to Chiho, as Chiho has been her friend since elementary. The only reply she gets is from Chiho's mom.
  • Kyouko breaking down into tears in Chapter 139 when she fully grasps how badly she has hurt Rei and how wrong it was of her, to the point where she knows that she can not and should not re-enter his life, meaning she will be all alone once Gotou leaves her. And in spite of this, she still wishes for Rei and Gotou's future happiness with all of her heart.

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