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Tear Jerker / Manowar

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Rated M For Manly Tears

  • Hymn to the Immortal Warriors. Particularly the final verse, where the souls of the dead warriors welcome the hero into Valhalla.
  • "Father" is one too, as is "Master of the Wind." Really, a lot of Manowar's ballads.
    • "Master of the Wind" in tone and execution is unlike the majority of Manowar songs, as it was dedicated to a boy in a hospital who wanted to meet the band before he died.
    DeMaio: The message suits the occasion: there will be good days again, and if this boy is not around to see the good days here on earth then maybe somewhere else maybe beyond the rainbow.
  • This. The performance was dedicated to Scott Columbus, their long time drummer who basically disappeared 3 years ago and ultimately passed away not even a week before the show. Eric Adams is literally fighting back tears to the point where he can't even do his trademark screams and yet he still pulls off a PERFECT intro to the song, while the rest of the band lifelessly chugs along. Not a dry cheek existed in the crowd that day.


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