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Tear Jerker / Malcolm X

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  • The ending montage.
  • When Malcolm X is visiting a college campus to talk about the Nation's self-determination/separatist movement. A white college girl comes up and enthusiastically offers to help any she can: "What can I do?" Malcolm quietly replies "Nothing" and walks on as though she wasn't there. And while Malcolm may think himself correct (at the time) in turning down her offer, the sad expression she gives as she watches him walk by tells the audience she really did want to help.
    • Malcolm mentioned during an interview that even knee-deep into his NOI persona, he regretted his treatment of this girl, and definitely moreso after modifying his views.
  • The emotional pain Malcolm's mother went through: From her husband's brutal murder that was deemed a "suicide" to her children being taken away from her.
  • Betty Shabazz. For the love of everything holy, Betty Shabazz. The poor woman endures long nights alone with her young children while Malcolm tours the lecture circuit, as well as scathing rebukes from her beloved husband over her questioning the blind obedience he shows Elijah Muhammad, even as his illusion shatters. After he leaves the NOI, she receives incessant death threats from NOI extremists, watches her family's home go up in flames, and finally, chillingly, must watch, with her children in tow, as Malcolm is suddenly and brutally gunned down. Her strained wailing as she cradles her bloodied husband is just gut-wrenching.

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