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Tear Jerker / Maicchingu Machiko-sensei

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  • Whenever Miss Machiko's class begs her not to leave.
  • In "The July 7th Rendezvous", Kame's crush was leaving on the train at the end of the episode. He was to shy to face her at first but manages to give a heart-wrenching goodbye right before she leaves.
  • Mr. Yamagata's mother leaving on sour terms in episode 60. He left Machiko's house ashamed and depressed before she comforted him.
  • In "A Surprising Present From Santa" we meet a little girl who's sad that his father had to go away temporarily. She's been living on her own with only her pet dog to keep her company.
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  • The mother of another girl losing her child due to negligence in "Machiko the Lion Tamer". She made a poor choice, but she's clearly regretful.

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