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Tear Jerker / Mother
aka: Mother 3

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Spoilers Off for Moments page. You have been warned.

No crying until the end.

When a game series' taglines are "No crying until the end", and "Strange, Funny, Heartrending", this makes it undoubtedly one of the most emotional franchises of all time.

MOTHER/EarthBound Zero/EarthBound Beginnings

  • The Eight Melodies. No matter how it's covered, be it 8-bit, rock, or orchestral, it expertly conveys the sense of childhood adventure. It subtly invokes fear, innocence, heartbreak, and hope, all at once. There's a reason so many professional covers exist.
  • The idea of the Eight Melodies in the game in general. Think about it; A childhood antique doll that used to be played with many times, a mother and a child bird separated by humans who didn't know any better, a monkey who's caged and locked up in a zoo, a dusty old piano that plays on its own in a long abandoned building, a lone cactus in an empty desert where a war happened and exterminated the rest of its friends, a dragon who's been sleeping away its life, a robot companion who defends you from everything, and lastly, the tombstone of your dead and loving great-grandfather who built the robot companion knowing that you might need it someday.
    • Or if you're playing the original Famicom version, the eighth melody comes from Queen Mary herself, who turns out to be your great-grandmother, Maria. The woman who spent her life trying to remember the Eight Melodies dies in peace when she can complete the song and sing it on her own.
    • Try reading the above in one go without getting tears in your eyes.
  • Queen Mary's final scene. Her story in general is tearjerking.
    "Oh! Giygas! I loved him... I loved him, as if he was my own child... He was always wagging his tail... just like a pup... except for when I tried to sing him lullabies... Ahhh, George! This is your wife, Maria. I'm coming to join you, my purpose is complete..."
  • Teddy's fate at the hands of R7038. He gets better. (At least in the English version and the GBA remake.)
    • Speaking of which, the song that plays at his death bed is a heart wrenching remix of Pollyanna. When you consider the lyrics and Teddy's supposed final words, it's easy to how some view it as the saddest part of the game.
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  • Around the middle of the game, your party is taken to Easter (Youngtown in the English version), a town in which all the adults living there were kidnapped by Giygas, leaving all the children alone. Some of them take it better than others. The haunting, somber background music only worsens the situation.
  • EVE's death. The game itself doesn't make much of it, but most of the fans take it really hard. Just think about it: EVE was built by George, Ninten's late great-grandfather, specifically to protect Ninten and his friends, which she manages to do... at the cost of her own life.
  • Giygas is a pretty tragic villain. It's clear that he was torn apart by his Parental Abandonment and conflicting loyalties.
    "Stop... Pleeease, stop!"


MOTHER 2/EarthBound

  • Ness's Eight Melodies are also very touching, especially when you listen to it from the simple music of the Sound Stone.
  • When Jeff meets his dad. Nothing really happens. Jeff meets his dad for the first time in ten years, his dad does nothing but offer him a donut and help him continue. He clearly wants to see his son, yet he knows he wouldn't really be able to keep him happy. Poor Jeff. Poor Dr. Andonuts.
  • Paula praying to friends and families during the final battle against Giygas.
    Paula prayed from the bottom of her heart.
    "Please, give us strength... if it is possible... Please..."
    "Somebody help us..."
    Paula's call was absorbed by the darkness.
  • Giygas's cries of pain from a mind so utterly broken, alone and lost in a void he doesn't even understand are heart wrenching. All he wanted was a friend, and all he felt was fear.
    "I'm so sad, Ness..."
    • This 8 Melodies video sums up the two above examples of just how tragic a character Giygas really is.
    • Take his appearance and backstory from EarthBound Beginnings into account. The entire series happened because of the horrifying choice Giygas was forced to make: his race or his parental figures' race and family. Giygas's rational mind, which was perfectly seen in EarthBound Beginnings when he called off the attack because of the love he felt for Maria, is completely gone because of the trauma he received and the evil power he absorbed.
    • If you at least know the full backstory, destroying Giygas can almost feel like a Mercy Kill.
  • Everyone bidding farewell to each other and going their separate ways.
    Poo: Our travels together end here. I must return to Dalaam, and use this experience for the good of my country. Ness... Paula... Jeff... Let me demonstrate a strange power before I go. I realized this power as a child. PSI Farewell! Now! I'll see you again someday!
    Jeff: Paula, Ness... It was great to hang out with you guys. It really was. I'm glad that I had the chance to use some of the theories that I have been studying so hard. It's remarkable. If... just maybe... Well, if you two get hitched someday, maybe I'll be the one that fixes your broken electronic appliances. I'm going to stay here for a while and see if I can learn more from Dr. Andonuts. I mean, from my Dad. ...So it looks like this is good-bye for now, my friends.
    Paula: I'll miss all of you, but I have to go back to being just a regular kid... Well, I gotta get going...
  • All the zombies getting trapped in the circus tent in Threed is gut-wrenching when you talk to the people around the tent afterwards.
    Woman: I'd never thought I'd say it, but, poor zombies!
    Trapped Zombie: Can you help me? I guess not.
  • When you first arrive in Saturn Valley, several Mr. Saturns have been enslaved by Master Belch. Given their childlike nature, their distress at the fate of their brethren can be heart-wrenching.
    Mr. Saturn: Lots of friends... Taken behind falls... Why? Why? Boing!
  • A meta example: The late former CEO, Global President of Nintendo, programmer, and gaming legend Satoru Iwata contributed to EarthBound by reprogramming the entire game from scratch so it would be saved from cancellation. If it wasn't for him, the franchise would have ended prematurely... which Mr. Iwata did in 2015.

MOTHER 3/EarthBound 2

  • MOTHER 3 in general — starting with Hinawa's death and Flint's subsequent breakdown in Chapter 1, the entirety of Chapter 6 where Lucas chases his mother's ghost through a field of sunflowers. This game wasn't tagged "strange, funny and heartrending" for nothing, you know.
    • What makes Hinawa's death all the more heartrending is that at the start of the game you can rename her. Shigesato Itoi employed this mechanic figuring that players unaware of the oncoming tragedy would name her after their own mothers, which a lot of them probably did. That is emotional manipulation of the best kind.
    • The final boss fight was probably the biggest example here. You find out that the Masked Man is Claus, your brother who you haven't seen in three years. Then when he tries to use PK Love Omega, Flint jumps in front of Lucas to save him. Then when Lucas is about to give up, Hinawa's ghost comes back and convinces them to stop fighting. We see a flashback to when Lucas and Claus were babies and Hinawa was still alive. After realizing who he is, Claus kills himself to be with his mother. It also doesn't help the Love Theme is playing the whole time, which is a sad song on its own.
    "Claus... Claus... Claus... Come to your mother... You must be so exhausted... Come here, Claus."
    • The more you think the worse this fight gets. Anyone else realize that "Claus" and "Lucas" are anagrams?
    • At the beginning of the fight Lucas can only heal to keep himself alive, unable to bring himself to attack Claus. After Flint is struck down, however...
  • There is a long, straight hallway towards the end of the game, featuring nothing but a tile floor, a red carpet, and this music.
  • The abuse Salsa endures can be very tear-jerking to animal lovers. To the extent that the player can have him examine a mirror, and the flavor text prompted will be "What does a smile look like again?".
    • The game in general can be tear-jerking if you're an animal lover, especially if you have a habit of noticing Fridge Horror.
    • During the destruction of the Nowhere Islands that plays following Lucas pulling the final needle, it's hard not to feel bad for the Chimeras - despite their modified nature, they're just like any other animal in terms of mentality, and you get to see them panic as the whole world goes to hell around them.
  • Realizing Fassad was Locria, the seventh Magypsy. On one of the floors in the Empire Porky Building, there is a Magypsy's shell house. Inside there are crates and presents of bananas, banana peels litter the floor, a Magypsy's memento (a Razor and Lipstick), familiar looking horns on the table, and a Magypsy's bed, where laid out on it is Fassad's clothing. Finally, when you reach the entrance of the next elevator, there is a lone mouse. What he says will make you can't help but feel sympathy for Porky's first lackey throughout half the game.
    "I don't think Locria is coming back anymore. Oh, me? I'm a mouse Locria liked to dote over. He had a creepy "Nwehehehehe" laugh, so he might've seemed like a mean person in most people's eyes, but he was very nice to me at least. Do you think he'll be coming home soon? I'm so lonely."
  • In EarthBound, two sesame seeds- one white, one black- can be found in desert. They're each only one pixel big, and if you talk to them, they'll ask you to help them find each-other, because they're in love. The sesame seeds cannot be interacted with beyond this, and they're on completely opposite sides of the desert. Twelve years later, MOTHER 3 came out. In the last chapter of the game, you can find a single black pixel and a single white pixel sitting on a stand, side-by-side.
  • The end of Chapter 4, in which DCMC bid farewell to Lucky, aka Duster.
  • The following excerpt during the Mushroom Samba scene:
    Claus Hallucination: Everyone's waiting for you. Everyone's waiting to throw rocks at you, spit on you, and make your life hell. Who's "everyone"...? Everyone you love.
  • The movie theater. It's not just that Porky wants to show off Ness's adventures in his movie theater. It's that he had to have actually taken the time and effort to have them properly filmed.
  • The DCMC concert at the Empire Porky Building. Knowing that the world might end, they decide to hold one last concert to rally everyone's hopes.
  • Leder's Info Dump. When you come upon the realization that you're essentially on untouched utopia, created so the lives on it were to be the happiest, truly perfect ones- and it was all corrupted in a moment by Porky and his happy boxes? Bring on the crippling depression and a virtually nonexistent will to go on. Until you realize you do have something to fight for- a reset button. Or, at least, what might be a reset button, if Masked Man isn't truly corrupt.
  • Reggie's quote- "We can forget happy things. We can probably forget sad things too. People have the power to forget." The people of Tazmily had all forgotten their previous lives, driven to destruction by society and technology. They exist on a perfect place of harmony and happiness. Claus had forgotten who he was, forced or not. Porky has forgotten kindness and love, and Flint refused to accept his wife's sacrifice. Lucas seemed to be stuck in this stagnant form of grieving for the entire game, never dwindling on his happy memories. It's especially apparent when he looks into the mirror later in the game, the one he looked into in the beginning. Hinawa's reminders to Lucas become all the more powerful, along with the Magypsies' messages. Tazmily Village quickly forgot their peaceful ways to usher in a newer, modern age, completely accepting it and transforming Tazmily, even going so far as to shove the elderly into a decrepit home and abandon their hometown for the city. People have the power to forget. To move on. And it's not always, necessarily, for the better.
  • The ending after the Dragon is raised and we watch the world destroyed, the player gets to walk around as, presumably, themselves, listening to the people of the MOTHER 3 world thanking YOU, the player, for all your help, and asking you how you are doing in your world, or if the world you are in is treating you well.
    "Hey other world, be good to our friend!"
  • We could flood the page with links, but instead, we'll just put it simply: This game's utterly magnificent soundtrack is a huge reason as to why it's so sad.
  • A small one that's quite overlooked, but once Ionia disappears, Kumatora walks over to where she was standing and looks around for a moment before looking down, visibly upset. Considering that she was raised by the Magypsies after losing her real parents when she was a baby, Kumatora ends losing her parental figures once more. It sticks out as the one moment where we see Kumatora sad, brief as it was.
  • Another small one, the expression on clay figure of Lucas's face captures the feeling of sadness and timidness very well.
  • The return to Tazmily near the end of Chapter 7. Seeing the little village where Lucas grew up nearly empty and everybody talking about going to New Pork City, as well as the music playing in the background give off the feeling that this is the end of Tazmily.
  • It is Finished, the theme which plays towards the ending of the final battle with Claus. Initially sounding like a horrifyingly-mechanised version of the Love Theme, it eventually dissolves into a quiet and somber rendition of the same piece played by a full orchestra as the theme proceeds, before eventually quietening again, leaving just an electric piano left. The theme is perfectly designed to represent Masked Man's realisation of who he really is, and it's almost guaranteed to turn on the waterworks for those who listen to it.
  • If you've played both previous games, the credits really hit home. It starts out with the Love theme before playing the starts of two familiar songs. They're the Eight Melodies from the first two games, and both soon play in succession. After both are done, a triumphant rendition of the Love Theme plays. The series is over, and as a reward for sticking around, you get all three main themes in one beautiful package as a farewell, dubbed 16 Melodies.

Alright, you can cry now.

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