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Tear Jerker / Lupin III: The Italian Adventure

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  • The ending of Episode 9. Carla, the little girl that Lupin meets during his search for the treasure in a haunted hotel, turns out to have been Dead All Along and has been spending centuries looking after her beloved older sister's treasure. After Lupin finds the treasure, and Carla's decayed skeleton along with it much to his shock, Lupin says that Carla doesn't have to worry about guarding it anymore and that he'll tell Carla's sister that the treasure is safe and sound. Carla tearfully thanks Lupin before her spirit passes on. Lupin is visibly saddened by these turn of events due to the fact that Carla was just a little girl but he also tells her that she won't be alone anymore since she'll be with her sister. This is capped off by showing a painting of Carla and her sister during their happier days in life. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • "To Hear You Sing Again" is about an old man with a comatose wife, and he's trying to pawn off her old car. Lupin steals it, of course, and at first it's an elaborate con where Lupin steals it, drives it, and returns it so the value will go up. Zenigata catches on the act, and is about to catch Lupin, but the car seems to have a mind of its own and drives deliberately through an old road it always took. The old man spends most of the episode apathetic of what happens to the car, as well as his wife's famous song, but slowly warms up as, through radio, he listens to Lupin drive the car and it brings back old memories. He's about to leave his wife's side, and then her hand suddenly moves and stops him. Her life support flat-lines, and she dies with a smile on her face. The old man stays with her as the sun sets, and Lupin leaves the car parked at the secret place the couple drove to in the past, with an old picture of them against the windshield wiper.

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