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Tear Jerker / Long Live the Queen

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  • If Elodie cannot claim her Lumen crystal by herself, she may allow Julianna to take drastic action. This entails breaking into the Treasury, causing the deaths of several guards. Her father is stated to be fully aware of what happened, and that he "will never trust you the same way again."
  • Elodie opting to sacrifice herself to the Kraken. Her father begs her to not go through with it. The text heavily implies Elodie has been regretful (or at least beyond pressured) of her actions (regardless of what you've done) - enough to become suicidal. She also tells him that she never would have made a good Queen.
    So don't be sad for me. I'll be with mom again soon.
    • As if this wasn't heartbreaking enough, in an update to the game, Elodie automatically chooses to sacrifice herself if her mood is Depressed, sealing in the implications of suicide.
  • If Elodie accidentally killed Lucille in self-defense, she'll be eager to see Charlotte at Gwenelle's birthday party. Charlotte fearfully tells her to stay away. It's made even worse if Elodie's naval battle summons the kraken - when Selene states that the Sacrifice of a Lumen will stop the bloodshed, Elodie notes that means her cousin's death can appease it - but she'll never, ever consider it, not her favorite cousin. Even after what's been done, she still loves her.
    • Slightly lessened in the Epilogue if Elodie has enough Intrigue stats, in which Lucille's plan to kill Elodie then her husband was discovered. Charlotte forgives Elodie for what happened, but the grief still remain nevertheless, and Charlotte will refuse to become a Lumen.
  • Joslyn's Heroic Sacrifice to save Elodie from Togami if she isn't a lumen. Even more heartbreaking if you fail the Composure check afterwards and Togami kills her anyway.
  • Also from her duel with Togami, if you're able to take the "Sing to him" option and succeed, he asks what it was.
    Elodie: Something my mother used to sing to me. She was the Queen. She was always so busy, but she loved me. When she had time to be with me, to hold me, to play and sing... I miss those moments.
    • A happy tearjerker comes from the epilogue if you choose this option. Not only do Elodie and Togami's kingdoms become allies and both noble families are on good terms, but Togami's two children send Elodie drawings that they made: they drew her as an angel.
  • Elodie finding out that her Aunt Lucille is the one who's been sending assassins after her, and then having to decide how to deal with it and then give the orders. Depending on what paths you're on and what option you choose, Elodie may be utterly alone in the world by the end, and it's all because of her own decisions to act or not act at her own discretion.
    • If things have been going especially badly for Elodie (that is, if Joslyn has been killed by Togami), then she will either be too depressed to even listen, saying that maybe she deserves to die... Or she will be so intensely affected by another emotion that she will boil it down to only two options: Do nothing, or execute the entire ducal family of Merva, children included. This horrifies everyone around Elodie, nobles and commoners alike begin to call her cursed and mad, and not even Armand, her final living relative, wants to speak to her anymore. Worst of all, unlike other versions of the scene where Elodie shows regret as she reluctantly signs the orders, in this case she feels justified, knowing that the last person that tried to kill her invaded her country and killed her beloved father. It drives home just how badly the events of the last week have hurt her.
      So, even your own family wants you dead. Then you'll just have to kill them first.
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  • Julianna and Selene will be forced to go on the run - and the former possibly dying alone - if Elodie attempts to arrest them.
  • Kevan's entire backstory is this. First his father died when he was young, then his stepfather began to sexually abuse him (when Kevan was anywhere from his early teens to preteens). Eventually his younger half-brother walked in on them, traumatizing the poor boy as well. His mother tried to make the stepfather stay away from him, and when that failed she had the guy killed. This resulted in a falling out between Kevan and his mother, mostly because he suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and had convinced himself that it was simply an illicit affair. Afterwards Kevan moved in with his older sister and the two developed a very unhealthy relationship that put immense stress on everyone involved. All of the above resulted in Kevan becoming a delusional Ax-Crazy Jerkass Woobie who goes ballistic at the slightest implication of his family being less than perfect, let alone an actual threat towards them. Meanwhile, the aforementioned half-brother has become a violent troublemaker with severe trust issues. If Elodie marries Thaddeus, there's the risk that Banion will spread rumors that he's having an affair, which can lead to a divorce if you don't play your cards right. If Elodie is actually having an affair with Banion, however, her son will be suspiciously fair-haired. While Thaddeus's family is rightly suspicious, Thaddeus not only refuses to acknowledge the rumors, but becomes fiercely protective of the boy.
  • Recent updates changed the outcome of Elodie refusing Togami's duel outright, and he now withdraws temporarily, forcing Elodie to meet with her advisors. However, if her Lumen mentor is Julianna, the only choice of action she has is to flee the castle, accompanied by all known Novan Lumens. One of Elodie's responses to this is to offer to remove her Lumen crystal so it can be hidden...with the implication that she's planning to kill herself so that the crystal will be unbound from her. Joslyn reacts immediately:
    Joslyn: Elodie! No!
    He grabs hold of your arms, shaking you slightly.
    Joslyn: You are the only thing I have left! I don't care what you've done. You're my daughter! I will not let you die.
    • Regardless of which choice Elodie tries to make, she's forced to flee, and Joslyn insists on leaving with her. He makes a remark about possibly being useful — bringing to mind the sacrifice he makes if a non-Lumen Elodie is cornered by Togami. One can imagine that he's prepared to do the same thing if needed to keep her safe while they're on the run.
  • In a bit of a fridge tearjerker, Arisse's second husband was a commoner, which implies that she almost certainly married him for love. Which makes what comes of it even more horrible for the poor woman.
  • In a particular combination of events and pursuing Brin, Elodie can go through the entire year trying very hard and ultimately failing at several major events, rendering herself well-loved by the nobility and common folk alike, but unwilling or too naive/innocent to get involved in the rumor-mongering and suspicion implied by the Internal Affairs skill. She ends up having a solid, openly acknowledged relationship, but this comes at the cost of her entire dynasty. She knows Lucille has been trying to kill her, and without the Internal Affairs skill to appease her with the title of Merva, she willingly names Charlotte the Crown Princess of Nova and makes Lucille the prime minister since she can't have children anyway.