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Tear Jerker / Lizzie

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  • "This is Not Love," Lizzie's first solo song, is bound to hit home for any survivor of abuse.
    Sometimes you say the words,
    but this is not love.
    Afterthought apologies
    are not enough
    to make me believe,
    make me believe you,
    repair the damage done.
    It's not enough to say you're sorry,
    and still have your... fun...
  • "Into Your Wildest Dreams," when Lizzie goes free. It's bittersweet, especially when you realize what happened in real life...
  • The first reprise of "Maybe Someday," sung by Lizzie as she sits alone in her cell.
    Maybe someday, they won't whisper, point, and stare...
    • Made worse by the fact that, if you know your history, you know that this wish never comes true.
  • "If You Knew" is a sad moment for Alice, especially when you remember just how reviled homosexuality was in the Victorian era.
    Always standing in your wake,
    with a secret of my own.
    Too afraid to share with you,
    so I come home alone...