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Tear Jerker / Little Miss Sunshine

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  • Olive trying to hold back tears and whispering to her grandfather that she doesn't want to be a loser "because Daddy hates losers."
  • Olive being reluctant to eat ice cream after her dad tells her that eating ice cream will make her fat and that women who win beauty pageants are all skinny. With some playful coaxing from the rest of the family, Olive decides to eat the ice cream anyway, but that moment of self-doubt was definitely tragic. A lot of people (especially women and girls) struggle with body image and Olive hearing that she canít enjoy a food she loves because it will make her fatter had to have hurt.
  • "Grandpa won't wake up".
  • When Dwayne learns he's colorblind, which means he won't be able to become a test pilot.
    • The look on Frank's face when he realizes this; he hates himself for having to tell Dwayne the truth, knowing it'll destroy his dream.
    • Then when Olive is able to get Dwayne back to the bus.
    • It may ultimately have been for the best that he found out sooner rather than later. Imagine if he kept on his path, never speaking and continuing to train for his dream, only to later learn that it wasnít possible. It would have been even more crushing because he would have wasted more time and mental energy only to be let down in the end. He may have had a dream ruined, but he didnít waste more time and effort than he otherwise would have if he hadnít learned he was colorblind.
  • This exchange:
    Sheryl: I'm so glad you're still here.
    Frank: That makes one of us.
  • The "Do you think there's a Heaven?" scene between Olive and Frank.
  • The movie's opening is pretty depressing. From Richard's awkward presentation of the Nine Steps Program (and the unenthusiastic reaction he gets from his tiny audience of college students) to Uncle Frank in the hospital after trying to kill himself. Even Olive's excitement after watching the Miss America pageant comes off as sad when you know what's going to happen in the movie.
  • The filmís conclusion ultimately leaves a lot of questions as to what will become of the family. Frank still doesnít have a job and it will likely be difficult (if not impossible) for him to find another position in academia given how he lost his previous job. Itís also unclear what Richard will do with his life given that his 9 Steps motivational program was a failure; how will the man move on and provide for his family?