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Tear Jerker / Little Dorrit

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  • John confronting Arthur when the latter arrives in the Marshalsea. It's utterly heartbreaking. On the one hand there's John, who's hopelessly in love with Amy. On the other hand there's Arthur, who Amy loves but who doesn't know it.
    John: Why do you think I found this room for you, that you'd like, and carried up the things to you when I really felt like knocking you down? Do you think I did it for your own sake? I didn't do it for you, I did it for her!
    Arthur: For who?
    John: For Amy! Because she loves you!
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  • The sheer number of people affected when Merdle's bank is revealed to be a fake. Pancks talked Arthur into putting his money in the bank; Arthur talked Daniel Doyce into putting his money in it; Mr. Dorrit put his family's money in it.
  • Mr. Dorrit's Sanity Slippage, and how he becomes convinced that everyone is laughing at him.


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