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Tear Jerker / Lillie's Z-Powered Adventure!

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  • Lillie's meeting with Lusamine post-treatment.
    "Oh," She pauses. "Lillie, I— Lillie, you can come in, you don't have to—" You see Mother slumping back against her pillow as you open the door and enter the room, and you try not to cringe at what else you see. The woman on the bed is barely recognizable as your Mother. Even in a haze, she'd always managed to be an imposing, larger than life figure... but now, without that presence about her, it actually registers in your mind just how frail she's gotten over the past two months. She looks like she barely weighs more than you do, and it's not something new; the way she held herself just prevented you from noticing. Her eyes are sunken, her skin is sickly, her hair is matted and in disarray, and you can actually see the wrinkles on her face. Even compared to how she was just two days ago, she's nothing but a shadow.
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  • All the trainers who unintentionally abuse Houndour due to believing the Savage Wolves stereotype and keeping them separate from the rest of their Pokemon team, the Houndour's new pack/family.