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Tear Jerker / Letter Bee

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  • Episode 17. It's Jurassic Bark all over again!
  • Zazie's backstory. They haven't woken up yet.
    • It gets worse when it's elaborated on. The last time he saw his parents, he didn't even recognize them as such, as a result of their having abandoned him in order to avoid him being sold to pay their debts. And just when he realizes that they are his parents, they get their hearts eaten.
  • Zeal's backstory has Nightmare Fuel AND Body Horror.
  • Sunny's early life. As an orphan at the abbey she was often bullied and forced to do menial work such a pushing carts uphill. Her greatest sense of joy came from watching people being happy while they ate, which is why she fell in love with Connor in the first place. And then her heart is taken.
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  • In the manga, Lily's death.
  • On a marginally lighter note, a scene where Steak just lays down for Niche to eat is far more depressing than funny.

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