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Tear Jerker / Les Visiteurs

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Les Visiteurs:

  • Frénégonde's Big "NO!" in slow motion as Godefroy shoots a crossbow bolt on her father in the first film.
  • The Duke's funeral, and Frénégonde's refusal to marry the man who killed her father.
  • Godefroy's goodbye to Béatrice before returning to his rightful time.

The Corridors of Time:

  • Philippine believing Godefroy to be her long dead father she's never known, then Godefroy having to tell her he's not.
  • An unusually non-comedic moment for Jacquouille, of all people: his firm refusal to come back to the 12th century with Godefroy in the climax, invoking the hard, undignifying and dangerous squire life he doesn't want to get back to. Godefroy admits he has his "blood troubled by this speech".

Bastille Day:

  • The guards of the prison of Issoudun humiliate the nobles who are imprisoned there after the beheading of King Louis XVI, and it is not Played for Laughs.