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Tear Jerker / Legends Of The Fourth Of July Coreline

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  • The situation Mari and Maria find themselves in shortly after arriving in the Core Timeline. They had effectively lost everything in their lives; their friends, their families, their homes, their savings, everything that they had not been carrying or hadn't been in Mari's ship, the American Dream. They are forced to live in virtual poverty, with only minimal financial support from the government, trying to make a home out of an abandoned warehouse. All of this, without any hope of ever being able to return to their own world.
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  • Mari's entire flashback plot line, showcasing her road to the events of the opening chapter of the fic...and a slow tread to the Despair Event Horizon, pretty much only kept at bay in the final hours by a nonfatal variant of Miles to Go Before I Sleep. Her final breakdown in front of the Captain America Wing of the Smithsonian Institute - a gigantic symbol of everything people think she is not and doesn't deserve to be considered as - is pretty sad.

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