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Tear Jerker / Legally Blonde

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The Film

  • Elle had her hopes very high expecting Warner to propose, only to have her heart broken when Warner instead misleads her then breaks up with her. After that she spends a week locked up in her room. Even if it wound up being for the best at the end, it's pretty depressing to see.
  • "I'm never gonna be good enough for you, am I?" Though this is the beginning of Elle's transformation and confidence boost, it's a bit sad to see her finally realize that Warner never thought she was capable of doing anything besides being pretty.
    • For the same reason, Elle's reaction when Callahan tries to seduce her, which almost causes her to give up trying to be a lawyer.
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    • This is followed by Vivian getting the wrong idea. As she and Elle had just become good friends, she mistakes things and chews her out.
    "You almost had me fooled. Why don't you sleep with the jury too? Then we can win the case."
    "Oh, God...I've made a huge mistake."
  • Meta case, but Moonie, the dog who played Bruiser, died on March 10, 2016 at age eighteen. Reese Witherspoon has expressed her sorrow.
  • A small one, but when Warner says "Forget about Brooke, look out for yourself." Vivan gets an extremely sad look on her face as her eyes drop.


The Musical

  • The titular song, "Legally Blonde". Elle giving up on her dreams almost before they've begun, and Emmett begging her to stay... her resignation is heartbreaking, and his desperation just makes it all the worse.
    Emmett: What about love? I never mentioned love - the timing's bad, I know. But perhaps, if I'd made it more clear that you belong right here, you wouldn't have to go, 'cause you'd know that I'm so much in love...
    Elle: Back to the sun, back to the shore, back to what I was before...
    Emmett: Please will you open the door?
    Elle: Lie on the beach, dream within reach, don't stray beyond...
    Emmett: We both know you're worth so much more!
    Elle: Some girls fight hard, some face the trial, some girls were just meant to smile... that's fine with me, just let me be "Legally Blonde"...
    Emmett: If you can hear, can I just say - how much I want you to stay?
    Elle: It's not up to me, just let me be "Legally Blonde"...
    Emmett: I need you to stay...
    Elle: It's not up to me! Just let me be "Legally Blonde"...
    • Just the way her voice breaks on the word "smile."
    • Emmett's plea for Elle to stay: "What about love? I never mentioned love. The timing's bad, I know..."
  • "Ireland" is pretty sad too, when you consider the fact that Paulette doesn't have the same kind of faith in her own happy ending as she does in Elle's. Good thing they both get theirs at the end.
  • In the MTV airing, at least, Brooke's expression when she learns that her stepdaughter wanted to kill her. In the film, she just grins in smug satisfaction that she's not going to jail, but in this performance, she seems genuinely hurt.

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