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Tear Jerker / L.A. Confidential

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  • Jack's death, in the movie, especially the betrayed, confused look in his eyes.
    • Before that, when Exley asks him why he became a cop, all he can do is say "I don't remember" with an utterly lost expression on his face.
    • Jack gets a lot of these, really. The look on his face when he finds Reynolds' body is one of a man who clearly blames himself for allowing it to happen. On the plus side, that's the moment he seems to say "screw it" and be a real detective.
  • The final line of the book, highlighting Ed's Pyrrhic Victory in six words:
    Gold stars. Alone with his dead.
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  • The scene where a desperate Bud confronts Lynn, angry at her for sleeping with Exley. He slaps her twice, and is about to hit her again when he sees her cringing before him and is immediately remorseful, seeing in himself a reflection of his abusive father. He can't even face her after that.

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