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Tear Jerker / Kylie Minogue

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  • Her early work with SAW is generally fluffy teen pop, but lyrically, it gets heartbreaking.
  • The full extent of it it's best seen on The Abbey Road Sessions album, which has her greater hits in orchestral form. Her bouncy pop hits were made into piano ballads (Better The Devil You Know, Come Into My World and Never Too Late to name a few.
  • The heartwrenching sound started to appear around her 1994 album ''Kylie Minogue'' with songs such as Put Yourself In My Place and Dangerous Game.
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  • I Believe In You is a tearjerker in the way that it is so beautiful that it makes one want to cry.
  • In light of her cancer battle, X has a couple of there, namely No More Rain and Cosmic.
  • Flower was written for X but made it's release on The Abbey Road Sessions several years later. It a beautiful ballad about motherhood.
    • Kylie's well over 40 and unmarried, she's probably well aware that she might never had a child, making the song all the more heartbreaking.
    • And think of it, it was written during her cancer ordeal... She might've written the song as her way of facing the fact that she could die without ever having a child.
  • No World Without You from Let's Get to It is pretty heartbreaking, especially if you've ever lost someone close to your heart.
  • Bittersweet Goodbye from Light Years. In the middle of what was otherwise a fun dance album, you get this heart wrenching song about a break-up.

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