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Tear Jerker / Krampus

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Max's attempted Heroic Sacrifice. He's literally pleading with him to spare the cousins, and to to take him to the underworld in their place. Krampus seemingly agrees... then reveals he had no plan of agreeing and sends them all to the underworld. So it appears, anyway.
  • Stevie and Jordan reading Max's letter out loud when it turns out all's he asking Santa is for his family to be happy. The girls spend most of their time mocking Max about it until they get to the part where he mentions their parents. To wit, the list includes:
    • That he can spend more time with Beth like they used since he doesn't have many friends. Beth is visibly taken aback by this.
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    • That Tom and Sarah can be closer like they used to because he can tell things are straining between them and just wants them to keep loving each other.
    • That things get easier between Howard and Linda because he thinks they're unhappy too. Linda comes in just as the girls get to this part, and the girls sound surprised and somewhat ashamed while reading it out loud, either because they didn't realize their parents were unhappy or that even Max can see it.
    • Finally, they get angry when they come to the part where Max asks that Howard stop wishing Stevie and Jordan were boys, which may be something they're genuinely afraid of and probably thought a few times themselves.
  • Omi sacrificing herself and staying behind to face Krampus and later Tom sacrificing himself to the underground snow beast to protect the remaining members of his family. The look on his face before letting the beast take him away says it all. And there's also the fact that both of their sacrifices were utterly pointless by the end.
    • The last words he says to his family.

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