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Tear Jerker / Kid vs. Kat

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  • In the show's first Christmas special "Kid Vs Kat Vs Christmas" we see Mr. Kat spending most of the two-parter pining over a hologram of what seems to be his family. He wasn't planning anything evil that day at all, he just wants to go home and see his family again! And then when Coop finds out, he says "Now I know where you get your bad looks from!"

  • A lot of episodes from Season 2 make it very clear that Kat truly cares for Millie, showing that he can become extremely upset whenever she is in danger or is separated from her. This can also count as Heartwarming.
    • In the episode "Cheeks of Evil", when Mr. Cheeks monologues about wanting to destroy Millie, Kat begins to cry and the camera cuts to several pictures of Kat and Millie together.
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    • Near the end of "The Kat Went Back", when Coop and the rest of the gang manage to escape Kat's planet ride the ship back to Earth, Mr. Kat is left behind and meows Millie's name

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