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Tear Jerker / Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

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  • Gokudera's Varia fight for the Storm Ring. The end where Gokudera sacrifices the Ring he's been beaten near-death for, because he wants to survive another day for his friends, "I wanted to see the fireworks again, so I came back..."
  • When Tsuna arrives in the Future in his own coffin and those pained faces Gokudera makes.
  • The fight with Gamma. Gokudera's line after Gamma reveals that the Tenth Vongola Boss was gunned down in plain view of many of his subordinates gets me teary every time, especially since you know it's gonna make the poor boy dive into a fight he definitely won't win. Made even worse by the fact that when he loses, Gamma tortures him for information and Gokudera responds by spitting in his face.
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  • When Squalo appears in the Sky Battle and begins talking about Xanxus' past all the while trying to tell him he understands what he feels like... every single time they read/watch it.
  • Yuni and Gamma's Heroic Sacrifice to revive the dead Arcobaleno. Bonus points as a Heartwarming Moment at the same time. Cue present Tsuna curbstomping until he kills Byakuran.
    • Even after returning from the future, just mentioning Yuni can still bring tears.
  • Then there is the Cloud fight in the Ring battles. Kyoya beats Gola Mosca easily with one hit despite the creature getting up again.But then we find out the truth: Xanxus put his own adoptive father in Gola Mosca as his POWER SOURCE. When Tsuna shot down Gola Mosca when it got back up, he effectively attacked the ninth boss and (nearly) killed him. The ninth boss who is described as a nice old man, who looks like a nice old man, who IS a nice old man. Tsuna just attacked him. And the fact that this shocks Tsuna out of Hyper Mode, causing him to blame himself until the dying old man tells him that it isn't, that it's his(the ninth's) own weakness that caused all this and after telling them what really happened to Xanxus during the Cradle Affair, he then tells Tsuna about how Reborn tells him all about Tsuna's life and the girl he likes and everything. He admits that Tsuna's a child who isn't suited for being a mafia boss with his soft heart but that's EXACTLY why Tsuna was chosen. At this point he has touched Tsuna's forehead. This is when the real Tearjerking occurs.
    • Nono still loves Xanxus after all of that, too. Because Xanxus is his son.
  • Anyone who's lost someone they truly loved would understand how Daemon felt when his lover Elena was killed.
  • Yuni with tears in her eyes in Chapter 377: "My heart would be in great pain, as if it's being gouged out."
  • In Chapter 388 Tsuna acts quite upset when he learns that Reborn will either die or become a Vindice member.
  • It's very small, but in the [final cross] theme, the few seconds with Lal. She's by herself in an alleyway, visibly upset, but then she's shadowered, and looks up, shocked, and we see Adult Colonello, standing in front of a careless blue sky, offering her a hand. Then she remembers he's dead and the image of him is wiped away and her eyes go half-lidded again and full of tears. Those six seconds speak volumes about what Colonello means to her. Their relationship is so well-done that, according to Colonello's character entry on here, even the Yaoi Fangirls like them together.
    • Anything about those two up until around when Colonello is revived is this. Not a second is wasted on letting the audience know what their relationship was without hammering it in.
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  • Yamamoto running facefirst into a wall is a bizarre combination of this and a Funny Moment. It's this because it's poor Yamamoto, but at the same time... he left behind a crater and it was quite sudden. Poor Yamamoto.


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