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Tear Jerker / Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers will be unmarked. You have been warned.

  • The kittens Nagi finds early in the story end up starving and dying because their mother was hit by a car before she could return to them. Nagi, showing faint signs of truly being a deity, laments their fate and absorbs them into her body.
  • Hakua's backstory, as detailed in "Hakua's Castle", is easily the saddest of all the main characters. Unlike Jin, Hakua's ability to see spirits left her open to regular Demonic Possession and made her see the restless ghosts of victims of war and suicide. As she repeatedly endures this throughout her life, her father, despite being a priest, is able to do little more than to tell Hakua that the things she is seeing are not real (which is openly mocked by one of the evil spirits that possesses Hakua and talks to him). It gets to the point that her father eventually tells her that she should just remain in their house because it is the safest place for her. Tired of suffering, Hakua decides to commit suicide by hanging herself from the tree in front of the church, and is only saved by Zange's possession of her body.
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  • The third- and second-to-last episodes of the anime deal with Nagi confronting the fact that she knows nothing about her past, nor the reason why she even hunts the impurities in the first place. Uncertain about her status as a deity, she runs away, and Jin spends much of his time worrying about her and trying to track her down.
  • Nagi's supposed death from being exorcised by Zange and the ensuing fallout from it is also quite upsetting. Jin reaches out to Nagi as Zange chants the prayer to purify her, and Nagi does the same, fading away just before they touch hands. Jin climbs out of the water he fell into and is absolutely livid at Zange, who suddenly doesn't remember why she went through with the exorcism. Jin angrily shouts at her for not listening to him when he was begging her to save Nagi and refuses to see her again. This causes Hakua to become upset with Zange as well, so Hakua drives the confused Zange out of her body and regains control again.