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Tear Jerker / Kaiketsu Zorori

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  • Pretty much any scene involving Zorori and his dead mom.
  • The departure of Puppe midway through season 3.
  • Zorori's relationship with Princess Myan is probably one of the most heartbreaking in the series. In the few days that they were together, Zorori showed just how far he's willing to go for the girl he wants to marry, working himself ragged just to preserve her happiness. When Myan has to return to the game world in order to prevent its destruction, she makes it clear that she loves Zorori just as much as he loves her, but Zorori ultimately makes the very difficult decision not to go with her; despite that it would fulfill his dream; he was afraid that his mother could no longer watch over him if he left the real world. He tries his absolute hardest to walk away from it with a smile, but the show itself really goes out of its way to show just how broken up he is about losing Myan, especially during that episode's Bukkura Koita gag and "Suppoko Peppoko Pokopokopii" song. In the former, Zorori can barely tell the joke due to being so upset, and in the latter, he starts tearing up right in the middle of the song, unable to finish it.
    Zorori: "But she is no longer with me / I have to try not to cry over her departure..."

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