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Tearjerker / Kage

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  • Jade deciding to make a Heroic Sacrifice and let herself be banished so that her family and friends won’t share her fate is just heartwrenching.
    • Jade saying goodbye to Jackie makes it even worse, especially when Viper realizes what she’s about to do, but can’t do anything to stop Jade from letting go a second later. The last thing Jade hears before she gets sucked in is Jackie crying out her name.
  • Jade regaining control from the Queen and begging for help is pretty sad.
    • It gets worse when Elyon’s powers nearly kill her, and after Elyon stops, she weakly cries out for Jackie, Uncle and Tohru before succumbing to unconsciousness.
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  • The "Mage's" Blatant Lies about Jade being an evil shapeshifter nearly get her locked up (and it was intended to be for life). You can easily feel her distress over the situation.
  • Miranda is truly sad about having to leave Cedric behind (though she hides it well).
  • Gargoyle is apparently The Last of His Kind: Phobos ordered the others to be exterminated, for no other reason than to prevent Elyon from discovering that they served him.
  • Miranda’s thoughts reveal that she used to have a better view of friendship, but while we don’t know what caused that view to change, it must have been terrible.
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  • Drake (one of the more sane rebel leaders) is one of the few who doesn't doubt the Royal Guard's reformation. Then - just when the reconstruction of Sonder Hill is going well - he's left behind when the Knights capture Tynar, helpless to stop them.


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