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Tear Jerker / Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

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  • Thomas undergoing Sanity Slippage after he loses his last dose of medicine. He is seen as an incoherent madman and possible drug addict when he stumbles around the city trying to find a pharmacy.
  • Jessica's flashback of an innocuous hiking trip she and her friends had gone on. Except the came across a murderer burying his victim's body, and to keep them from spilling, he got them on their knees and executed them. Jessica barely manages to escape with her own life, falling into a pit, which causes Jessica in the present day to wake up.
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  • Jessica holing herself up in her house and describing to her therapist how difficult it is to do everyday tasks. It's been this way for the past three years.
  • Jessica being Curb Stomp Battled by the Fatal Five, despite her efforts in trying to set up a False Flag Operation against them. And then Persuader cleaves her ring open. After the Fatal Five escape, her leg is crushed under debris, she's injured, her mentor Kilowog and several other Lanterns on duty are badly injured, and the Fatal Five are about to end the world, all because she failed.
  • Thomas sacrificing himself to save the Sun. While Jessica insists that they can find another way, time is running out, so Thomas uses his powers to break out of Jessica's shield and falls into the Sun.
  • A group of Legionnaires travelling to the present day to pay their respects at Thomas's burial.
    • Considering that the Legionnaires knew to arrive at the funeral, it quite possibly means that, similar to Kara, they knew from historical records that he wasn't coming back. When Thomas disappeared with the Fatal Five at the beginning of the movie, that was the last time they'd ever see him.
    • Lightning Lass isn't attending the funeral, despite being shown to be close to Thomas and quite possibly be his girlfriend, so she Never Got to Say Goodbye.
    • Remember "Far From Home"? How everyone was concerned that Kara, who was transported to the future in a place far from home away from those she knew and loved, would die? We can say safely say that it didn't happen to Kara, but as for Thomas... Thomas died far from home.

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