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Tear Jerker / Jurassic Park (1993)

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A man's dreams and visions shattered.

In the midst of visually awesome dinosaur action and scares, there's more than a few tearjerking moments in this movie. After all, it's a movie that was made by Steven Spielberg, a man who knows how to make us cry.

  • Because of his Adaptational Heroism, John Hammond is a pretty tragic character when you think about it. He's worked for years to realize his dream, and it looked as if it had finally come true. Instead, he has his dream crumble around him and result in the horrible deaths of about five people, three of whom were overall decent human beings, and his own grandkids were nearly victim as well. As a result, Hammond was forced to abandon it. In the second-to-last scene, while Alan and Ellie assist Lex, and an injured Tim and Ian into the helicopter to leave the island, it's pretty heart wrenching to see Hammond mournfully take one last look at Isla Nublar, and hear a Brachiosaurus call, as Alan briefly stops to look and listen with him, before gently escorting him to the helicopter. Then, on the ride back (pictured above), all he can do is tearfully look as his mosquito preserved in amber jewel on his cane, the only surviving symbol (for the time being) of his dream.
    • The scene when John Hammond realizes that the park is dangerous and explains why he wanted to build it in the first place. The way he talks about his old flea circus is just so sad. The man is the archetypal adorable grandfather and you're watching the dream of his lifetime break right in front of his eyes.
    • His dream gets a bit of a Bittersweet Ending in The Lost World, however. While he wasn't able to build a park and share his dream with the world, and even more people die on Site B, at least his dinosaurs are allowed to thrive there.
    • And eventually, his dream finally comes true, even if he never lives to see it. But then it gets reversed again with how Jurassic World turns out. THEN the knife gets twisted further in Fallen Kingdom, where his old company has since been taken over by unscrupulous scientists (namely Dr. Wu) and is now using non-authentic genetically-engineered hybrid dinosaurs to sell as weapons and make money, corrupting his dream. And Mount Sibo erupts and destroys Nublar, rendering quite a few species extinct again.
      • Fallen Kingdom also reveals that he parted ways with his business partner/friend Benjamin Lockwood for ethical reasons, namely that Lockwood cloned his daughter Maisie.
  • The sight of the sick female Triceratops. One can only wonder what happened to her next.
    • According to promotional material for Fallen Kingdom, she died sometime after the events of the movie, and her corpse was eaten by Rexy.
  • Also during the scene where Mr. Hammond is talking about his Flea Circus with Ellie and he starts talking about redoing Jurassic Park with even better with complete control, Ellie tells him that he never had control of it to begin with and that it was all an illusion just like the Flea Circus. She also tearfully mentions that she was completely overwhelmed by the power of Jurassic Park and how she didn’t even have the respect of the power that it had and now that it’s out the only thing they should be worried about are the people they love and care about being Alan, Lex, and Tim, who are out there in harm's way.
  • The scene right after Tim has been shocked and thrown from the electric fence is somewhat heart wrenching, as Lex cries, while Alan gives CPR to her unconscious possibly dead brother. Although he does regain consciousness, he is considerably weakened by the experience, and can barely walk.


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