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Tear Jerker / Josh Groban

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  • His version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas", an already normally tear-jerking song. The beginning and end are radio messages to soldiers overseas from their children. The worst:
    Eight-ish year old girl: Hi, Daddy. Mommy, Bella, and I wrapped our presents today. We saved some special for you so you can open them when you get home. I hope you'll be able to come home soon. I love you.
  • His version of "Canto Alla Vita", for whatever reason.
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  • "To Where You Are" and "Broken Vow" can send one into crying jags.
  • Then there is "Awake"
  • "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" can make some people struggling with depression burst into sobs. That'd make the song powerful enough on its own, but combine it with Josh Groban's voice...
  • "War At Home" is also pretty heartwrenching.
    And he says...
    You see these hands?
    They're bruised and brown
    They're yours alone
    Hold on now
    We're still going down
    Hold on now
    We're still fighting
    At home
    The war at home
  • "You Raise Me Up" Period.
  • "Believe", from The Polar Express.
    we were dreamers not so long ago
    but one by one, we all had to grow up...


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