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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion

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  • The fate of the unnamed woman in Kira's bathroom. She's unable to move for fear that she may get cut by Ojirou's booby traps and his Stand could take effect.
  • The continuation of Johnny's life didn't end with a Happy Ending; as it turns out, he died to protect his wife from a disease. To make Johnny's life worse, when he tried to heal his wife, Rina, from her paper-folding disease with the Holy Corpse parts, he accidentally transferred the disease to his son, then to himself. The only way to make sure it didn't spread any further was kill himself. Ouch.
  • Josuke tears up a little when he sees a happy family playing around and is reminded that absolutely no one came to look for him when he went missing and lost his memory. The revelation that he's not even a true person due to being an amalgamation of Kira and someone else only makes it worse.
    • Similarly, Josuke desperately hugging Yasuho after the two were separated, because she's his anchor in 'a world of strangers'.
  • One scene has Holly mistaking Josefumi for her son Kira while the latter is in the same room, when Kira reminds her of himself, Holly realizes that the illness is making her forgetting about her son, and is brought to tears.
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  • During the boat scene, Josefumi breaks down crying while Damo tortures him, saying to himself that he always gets abandoned; said internal dialogue is accompanied by a flashback to the time he drowned at the beach, showing that his mother just left him to drown.
  • Kira's death. While he was cold and kind of a jerk, he not only cares about his mother but has enough warmth and decency to care about others too, apologizing to Josefumi for dragging him into this. A brilliant alternate take on the villain from part 4. The worst part is that Kira dies a badass, awesome death- he dies of cardiac arrest induced from being at the epicenter of an explosion that he caused to save Josefumi's life, knowing full well he'd die. He also Dies Wide Open.
    • Later topped by Josefumi sacrificing his own body to save Kira via the Rokakaka fruit. And to make things worse, he clearly states that this is his death.
    • And the worst part is It didn't even work. The resulting fusion of Kira and Josefumi, Josuke, ended up being an entirely new being that's both and neither of them with zero memories to call his own.
  • Dolomite. Not only did he accidentally cause his lover's suicidal actions via awakening of his stand ability, but his attempt to rescue her turned him into the quadriplegic husk of a man we see in the manga. Not only that, but all he desires is to live alone in peace, resigned to his depressing fate. But Jobin's actions just get him wrapped up in a new mess, and tortured at the hands of Yasuho.
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  • Yasuho nearly killed herself when she was 13 thanks to a Rock Animal tormenting her.
  • Rai chases down Poor Tom for the Rokakaka, and after a Traumatic Childhood Backstory monologue, is taken down in Chapter 75 by Ozon Baby after Poor Tom had a big enough opening to activate his stand to crush Rai's head in.


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