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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so Unmarked spoilers ahead!
Sulla volta celeste, c'è il mare eterno nella mia anima.
  • Stroheim's Heroic Sacrifice through a suicide by hand-grenade to stop Santana from being unleashed upon humanity; one of the few times you will ever cry for any Nazi, let alone one as heroic as him. Heck, even Jojo himself was crying with respect for his bravery. Making it even more awesome when he comes back as a cyborg to briefly fight on par with Kars for a short time, and even brought back as a cast regular.
    • Which actually makes Stroheim's ultimate fate rather sad as well; he ends up being gunned down during the Battle of Stalingrad as he tries to cover a retreat singlehandedly.
  • Mark's death at the hands of Wamuu, another example of Too Good for This Sinful Earth; he was one of Caesar's only friends. In spite of being a Nazi with great enthusiasm to the cause, he showed no signs of the terrible cruelty that many Nazis embraced, and was a genuinely Nice Guy who had plans to marry to his girlfriend after the war. These plans are cut short when the Pillar Men walk by and absorb half of his body while not even bothering to notice. Paralyzed, with the sheer pain growing worse and worse, and sobbing in agony, Mark's last words were to plead with Caesar to give him a painless death, who is forced to oblige despite wanting to somehow save his friend. Such a pointless Kick the Dog moment from the Pillar Men filled with Lack of Empathy fueled both Caesar and Joseph with intense vengeance...and campy poses.
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  • The flashback regarding Caesar's backstory, after years of wanting to exact revenge on his father for leaving him, he gets saved by him before he could be killed by the Pillar Men's trap. The wrenching part about it all? His father died without knowing he just saved his son.
  • Caesar's death. From the very realization he's dead, Joseph and Lisa Lisa are clearly distraught and trying their best to maintain their composure as they continue on deeper into the mansion, and then they find where Caesar died under the piece of debris. The moment they see it, Lisa Lisa, who was up until now the calmest of the group, breaks down into tears along with Joseph who screams his name, complete with highly emotional Manly Tears. Only silence answers them.
    • The Anime recreates both this scene and Caesar's backstory in the same episode. It's depicted fantastically and is every bit as tragic in the manga, especially on how they deliver it. "Il Mare Eterno Nella Mia Anima" sums up the tearful emotions of the scene so perfectly it hurts.
      • It also makes Joseph's reaction to Caesar's death even worse because you can hear him bawling his goddamn eyes out and howling like someone tore a limb off of him over the death of his rival turned friend as the music starts to drown out all other sound.
      • After this development, the part in the opening where Joseph does a Skyward Scream while wearing Caesar's bandanna suddenly makes sense; he's yelling out for Caesar. Listen here at the 1:18 timestamp.
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  • During his battle with Wamuu, Joseph ties Caesar's headband to his head and says "Fight along with me, Caesar." Later, when he charges the headband with Hamon and uses it as a weapon, he calls on to Caesar to give him aid.
  • Elizabeth Joestar aka Lisa Lisa's backstory, which involves her killing the zombie that killed her husband, George Joestar. Unfortunately, he had impersonated a highly ranked officer, which, when found out by a hapless soldier, led to her being forced to leave her son, Joseph, in the care of her mother-in-law while she was on the run as a fugitive. The kicker: the zombie was one of the surviving members of Dio's army, making the couple another victim of Dio's ambition.
    • It also means that Erina has lost her husband, and her only son, and the daughter-in-law she's raised since infancy is forced to become a fugitive, and it's all because of Dio. And to add insult to injury, Lisa Lisa was orphaned in the first place because Dio's horde of zombie minions killed her parents at the end of Part 1.
  • Seeing Wham/Wamuu return to the wind, while Joseph salutes him.
    • Unlike the other Pillar Men, there is a genuine Cry for the Devil moment here, as reduced to a severed head, Wamuu has no ill feelings toward Joseph. He commends him as a Worthy Opponent, and even tries to save him from Kars' vampires with the last of his strength.
    • And on Joseph's part, he cuts his wrist and gives Wamuu some of his blood, in hopes of easing the pain of his passing. Wamuu cries out that he doesn't deserve his pity, to which Joseph clarifies that it wasn't an act of pity, but rather one of respect and honor.
  • Everyone's reaction to Joseph's Disney Death at the climax of Part II. Especially Speedwagon, who starts tearing up and laments that "it's happening again", thinking back to Jonathan's death at the end of Part I.
  • In the epilogue of Battle Tendency, is revealed that Erina, Speedwagon and Stroheim died before the start of the Part III. While they had more or less good deaths (Erina died of old age surrounded by all her loved ones, Speedwagon died at the age of 89 of a heart attack having success in life after the misery he suffered in his youth and Stroheim died honorably as a prideful German soldier in the battle of Stalingrad, sacrificing himself to let his men retreat), is quite sad to know that they died after spending so much time with them in the first two parts.


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