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Tear Jerker / Jem and the Holograms

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  • Stormer and Kimber have been dating for maybe a month when they have their first fight. It's sad seeing them both so miserable in issue 6. Stormer's texts don't help.
  • Pizzazz after trying to get hold her dad for weeks after being in a car wreck and not able to perform with the misfits finally gets a hold of him and all he thinks she wants is money. She desperately tries to tell him just wants him to be with her, but he brushes her off for business and just has his secretary send her money. To pour salt in the wound he doesn't even bother asking if she's okay after the accident, just assumes she's fine since she's called.
    Pizzazz: I can't live like this...
    • In a flashback it's revealed that neither of her parents bothered showing up to the conclusion of their custody battle over her after their divorce.
  • Misfits #4 Roxy entire backstory is pretty heartbreaking. From Roxy tearfully confessing to her dad she can't read even though she'd tried. Things seem okay when he reassures her, then he dies. To having to live with her cold aunt. Finally snapping at a mean girl at her school, and deciding to runaway shortly after that.

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