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Tear Jerker / JLA: Earth-2

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  • The fact that Thomas Wayne Jr. became Owlman, Batman's Evil Counterpart in the Crime Syndicate, not For the Evulz, but out of love for his mother Martha and especially his younger brother Bruce, both of whom were killed in this universe.
    • Likewise, Owlman's grief over losing his brother and mother, contrasted with the utter callousness displayed by Commissioner Thomas Wayne. And it's his son.
  • The scene where Owlman travels to the main DC continuity, and visits the grave of Thomas and Martha. When he finds out that his father is dead in this continuity, he's devastated, and falls to his knees. Yes, even a criminal, in a world where evil always triumphs over good, has loved ones.
    Owlman: There's no one left to hurt.
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  • The scene where Batman saves Commissioner Wayne from getting shot, thus meaning Wayne can establish his police state. That's right, Batman saved a parallel universe version of his own father from dying, only to see it lead to more crime. The look on his face in the next panel says it all.