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Tear Jerker / It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

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  • The Muppets' lives in the Kermit-less world are almost entirely bad, but most are not wholly depressing. Gonzo and later Piggy, however, aren't so fortunate. The former is a homeless performer eking out a pathetic living, and the latter is bitter and depressingly lonely.
    • When Kermit leaves, Piggy can be heard crying her eyes out.
  • Kermit is relieved that Fozzie appears unchanged, helping Kermit up after an accident and checking him over to make sure he's okay before going to seek help. Kermit then realizes his wallet's gone. And he doesn't even have pockets!
  • The "Everyone Matters" song also hits the right tear jerker buttons, though it gets hopeful near the end.
  • Aside from the typical Muppet comedy bits, about 40% of the movie fits this trope, being a Recycled INSPACE version of It's a Wonderful Life, which is so the big name in Tear Jerker Christmas movies.
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  • A Deleted Scene has Kermit crossing the street and almost getting hit by a bus driver, but he doesn't even care. Yes, you read that right. Kermit was so deep in the Despair Event Horizon, it was to the point of suicide. No wonder they cut it out.
  • Kermit finds a statue in the park of himself and two children with a plaque that says, “Thank you, Kermit, from the children of the world. For the lovers, the dreamers, and you.” If you think about it, it’s pretty much a dedication to Jim Henson and everything he represented.
  • In the opening, Sal sells his moped to buy Johnny a solid gold record player, but Johnny didn’t get him anything.


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