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Tear Jerker / I"s

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Masakazu Katsura has no qualms over making you cry.

  • While on a trip to the beach, Ichitaka finds himself alone with Iori at night. Gathering up his courage, he manages to say that he loves Iori... and is horrified to see that her reaction is to cover her ears, wail loudly and tell him that 'he is terrible' for doing this. Fortunately, it was just a misunderstanding. Iori thought Ichitaka took the opportunity to tell her a ghost story, which she detests.
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  • When Itsuki's apartment burns down and Ichitaka sees her crying over a singed bust of his that she had made in grade school and had treasured ever since. Ichitaka hugs Itsuki.
  • The big confession of Ichitaka and Iori is a positive example!
  • The various chapters after graduating from high school, when Iori begins to work as a professional actress and Ichitaka moves into his own apartment. Not only is it a realistic, and slightly harsh, view on how difficult it can be to step into this adult world, but Iori and Ichitaka's relationship becomes strained because they don't have much time for each other.
  • Late in the story, the sequence when Iori and Ichitaka are trying to break up with each other to make things easier on the other, but it's clear that neither of them wants to go through with it. When Ichitaka finally pulls it off first, it's clear that both are devastated. He even claims to have cheated on her with Aiko!
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  • As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly obvious that Iori does not enjoy her life as an actress one bit. Ichitaka fails to pick up on this, however, and continues to act supportively toward her, leading Iori in turn to pretend that she's just following her dream, when she would really just rather be with Ichitaka.
  • Seeing that Iori's manager has actively been sabotaging Iori's relationship with Ichitaka, rather than being supportive. All of the letters she has written to him and presents she wanted to send him were thrown into a locker by the manager.
  • The view of Ichitaka lying in the snow, bleeding from a headwound.
  • Iori's reaction when Teratani informs her that Ichitaka is in a coma. She's surrounded by her handlers and can't say or do anything. And she has tears streaming down her face as the overhead door closes. Iori is using every ounce of her self-control to not break down completely. The one thing that causes her to momentarily lose her self-control is when her manager ridicules Ichitaka's fight against the Marionette King and his injuries - when he's in a coma and fighting for his life... resulting in her lashing out at said manager and shoving her away from her.

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