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Tear Jerker / INVADERS of the ROKUJYOUMA!?

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As evidenced by the entries on the main page under Crying Tropes there are lots of opportunities for these in this series.

All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Volume 7

  • After Koutarou's disappearance, the girls are in a disarray, panicking and tries searching for him. But the one hit the most is Theia, since she only realized her feelings after Koutarou's sacrifice and apparent death. This is more evident in the Drama CD where she tries to deny while trying not to cry before finally breaking down.

Volume 8

  • Sanae and Theia are siting in the Ski lodge lobby and they see a family come in with a little girl. Sanae is sad both because that family reminds her of her parents and because as a ghost she won't ever have children. Theia, who has just started to hope for creating a family with Koutarou realizes that because she is an alien they could never have children which dumps a metric ton of ice water on her hope.
    • Which itself can be a meta-tearjerker as well because this is also a problem in real life. But instead of aliens, it's humans who are infertile.

Volume 8.5

  • After months of fighting with Alaia and their army, Koutarou can finally return home. But before he left, Alaia and Charl come and say goodbye to him. He knows he can't see them again and tries not to cry during this scene (which is evident in the Drama CD)

Volume 9

Volume 10

  • In what has to be one of the sweetest I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moments ever Kiriha, who has been looking for her lost First Love reveals she has discovered that Koutarou is him and asks the question that she has been searching for him to ask.
    "Is he happy? He's not feeling lonely is he?".

Volume 11

  • Sanae must choose between dying or returning to her body but loses her memories as a ghost, which for her is just the same as dying. But Koutaro and the others assure her that they will always be her friend. Her last words before returning to her body is a Dying Declaration of Love to Koutarou.
  • In the last battle of Volume 11, Koutarou fights the ghost lady note  again, but this time he's all alone trying to protect Sanae, yet he gets fights her even if it kills him. Now imagine this from Sanae's perspective: the person you love, trying to protect you even if it gets them killed, yet you're powerless to do anything.

Volume 12

  • Maki has used the magic contract to freeze Koutarou in place to keep him from going to the fight with Darkness Rainbow when he asks her to let him go she says that would require breaking the contract and she won't do that because she is desperate, afraid that if they do SHE will stop loving HIM and she would rather Koutarou hate her forever than risk that.
    • And this hits harder because Maki hates lies, but she wants to love Koutarou so much, she's desperate and is more willing to live with what she thought are fake feelings.

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