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Tear Jerker / Insidious

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  • The overall fear that Renai has for Dalton after he won't wake up.
    • Ditto with Josh. Halfway through the film, he's a Supernatural-Proof Father, but when he sees Dalton's drawings about "flying" (which is actually his powers), Josh breaks down, and tells Renai he'll go along with Elise's plan.
      • Makes it worse that before this, he was talking to Dalton while he's in his coma, and asks him where he is, and tells him that he knows he's in there somewhere.

Insidious: Chapter 2

  • Near the beginning, Specs and Tucker go to Elise's house after her passing. Specs laments that, in spite of knowing for a fact that an afterlife exists, he doesn't feel at all comforted about Elise's death.
  • Josh telling Elise he wishes he could take her back from The Further, even though they both know he can't.


Insidious: Chapter 3

  • Harry - the Brenner's neighbor - mourning the loss of his wife.
  • Near the end after Quinn's mom Lillith aides everyone in vanquishing The Man Who Can't Breathe, and Elise tells Quinn that Lillith was there to watch Quinn's audition. Quinn cries with joy but also knows this (her mom's spirit helping her) can't happen again.
  • The foreshadowing of Elise's fate for the first film.
    • Elise mourning her husband Jack. It's revealed she was in full mourning his death for a year.


Insidious: The Last Key

  • The revelation that Elise's childhood was horrible: Her father was physically and emotionally abusive on her due to the fact he didn't understand her psychic powers and the fact Key Face tricked her into opening the Red Door and freeing it, resulting in her mother's death.
    • While a couple of nice scenes where Elise is seeing her bedroom showing she has some fond memories of her life in her home, she never refers to it as "home". Just a "house."
  • The diner scene where Elise reunites with her brother Christian. It does not go well, and Christian wants nothing to do with her due to her running away as a teenager and leaving him alone with their abusive father. He never contacted her and told her that she has nieces.
  • Elisa learning the woman, Anna she saw before she ran away was not a ghost, but rather a woman that her father kept in the house's basement. She assumed she was another spirit, and didn't try to help her before running away, leading to Anna's death by her father's hands.
    • Worse when she finds the suitcase that contains her remains. Elise is...devastated to say the least.
    Elise: I'm sorry Anna... I failed you.
  • Elise reuniting with her deceased mother. Even before they leave, the two hug and her mother tells her to still help others.
    • And before that, Elise's father, the abusive dick, jumps in to save her from Key Face with what little strength he has. He even apologizes before he fades away..

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