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Tear Jerker / Innocents Shounen Juujigun

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  • Henri's death is absolutely heartbreaking. Watching a 10 year old boy broken enough to resort to suicide by impalement through the neck is painful, but knowing how sweet a kid he used to be just makes it worse. The contrast between his crybaby self in the beginning of the manga, and his broken, hopeless state now makes the already brutal death all the more painful.
  • The knowledge that nearly every child who embarked on the Children's Crusade left behind a loving family. Not only did a good number of them die, many were sold as slaves, and their families would never have any means of collecting their children's remains, rescuing them, or even knowing what had happened to them.
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  • The scene where the remaining boys are burying the dead after the attack in the Forest of Demons. Watching dozens of 8-14 year old boys digging graves for their friends while sniffling and sobbing is absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Etienne's death. Seeing the sweet, gentle, loving boy that we've known since the beginning of the manga half starved, bleeding, beaten, tied to a post and covered in rags is painful enough. Watching him stumble and scream with a dead-empty look so far from his usual serenity is just horrifying. After everything this boy has been through, his death is just full of unjust suffering, and his final moments of being impaled by a person he thought was his friend just top off the pile of misery. Finally, adding insult to injury, his body is hung and displayed. . . right where Nicolas and Guy get to see it
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  • Marc's entire personality shift after Luc's death. Seeing a boy who started out as sweet and silly reduced to an empty shell running on autopilot hurts, and one can't help but empathize with the boy's misery after watching his best friend die.
  • Anything to do with what Hugo, did to the boys. He looks about twice their size, and the boys' expressions of pain and misery are heartbreaking. Even worse, three of them thought that everything that happened was perfectly okay, and that suffering through Hugo's cruelty was just a means of reaching their goals. This determination to please the man is almost worse than Henri's absolute misery.
  • The death battle. The confusion and fear that they boys display is horrible. From Pierre's panicked begging not to be killed (by his best friend, no less), to Guillaume's brutal determination to earn a place in Hugo's favor, to Lillian's utter terror at the realization that he's messed up so badly.
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  • Nicolas and Guy finding Etienne's body. After everything they went through to get to him, after being too late to do anything to save their friend, the last they get to see of him is his tortured body hanging from a post.

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