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Tear Jerker / Inglourious Basterds

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After Shosanna shoots Zoller, she looks over at his body while sad dramatic music plays making him seem so very sympathetic. Then subverted as she leans in out of remorse, the whole emotional scene is stopped with Zoller shooting her repeatedly in the gut.
    • Doesn't make it less tearjerking, though, as you can see that Zoller's expression when he shoots her is painful and sad. And dramatic music then rises to the crescendo as Shosanna falls dead and the camera pans above their prostrated bodies. QT deliberately planned this scene to look all Romeo and Juliet-like, and boy, did he succeed. Bonus tearjerking points? The bittersweet song that plays in this scene is called Un amico - 'A friend'.
  • Played completely straight with the farmer at the start of the film. The farmer is probably one of the most sympathetic characters in the entire film. Tries hiding Jews, has a German officer basically tell him "I know the last guys searched up high but I think they're down below and I think they're here" (which they were) so knows that pretending they aren't down there is pointless, knows that his family will be killed if he's found to be lying, and clearly doesn't want to give them up even though he knows there's nothing he can do for them.
    • When Landa asks Lapadite how many people were in the Dreyfus family, their names, the ages of their children... we already know what's going to happen and it is miserable.
    • The opening at the milk farmer's cottage is almost a tragic short film unto itself, showing so much about the nature of evil and when good people are powerless to stop it. There's Landa's hammy moments, but once the milk farmer realizes the jig is up your heart just sinks.
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    • Not to mention that you see a close-up on Shoshanna's face as she flees for her life. She's already sobbing and you can hear her pained cries.
  • "Oui, Shosanna." Marcel and Shosanna have scant screentime together, but their love for one another is palpable even as he goes to die for her.
  • After Landa leaves Shosanna in the restaurant, she gives it a couple seconds before completely bursting into tears and hyperventilating. The amount of fear she was feeling through the entire scene comes to a head in that moment, and it's heartbreaking.
  • The German soldier who gets given the Mark of Shame first must watch his commanding officer beaten to death with a baseball bat, and his comrade shot in the back. He doesn't understand English, so he doesn't know that the second guy was shot by accident - and he's holding back tears the whole time. He also says the first thing he'll do when he returns home after the war is hug his mother like he's never hugged her before.


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