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Tear Jerker / Infinite Crisis

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  • The deaths of Blue Beetle, Golden Age Lois Lane, and Superboy.
    • Lois Lane's death is particularly sad. Kal-L screams so loud it shatters all the windows around him.
    • Before that, there's what Kal-L says as Lois is dying.
    Kal-L: Superman always saves Lois Lane...
  • When Batman sees that his satellite has decided to commit genocide on the Amazon, he gets desperate, helpless as his override codes no longer work. He resorts to physically attacking Brother EYE to no avail. Who then states that he will "do as [Batman has] programmed me to do." At which point Batman collapses in utter despair flashing back to his darkest moments. (That night in the alleyway, long nights in front of his parent's graves, Jason Todd's death.)
    Batman: This wasn't supposed to happen... I can't breathe... I can't do this anymore. God... I wish... I wish... I just wish I could start over.
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  • Kal-L's Heel Realization.
  • Kal-L's death scene mirrors the death of Supergirl in the original Crisis: he's lying on the ground, bleeding, while his cousin cradles him. And when she cries, he tries to reassure her, saying she'll never be alone.
    • His last words are so simple and so utterly him.
  • The reaction of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Nightwing to Superboy's death, three legendary superheroes looking at the lifeless body of a young hero who sacrificed his life to save world, their faces express a lot of silent guilt and regret with Superman being hit the hardest.
    Kal-L: I thought their Superboy was unworthy of the symbol I built. But I picked the wrong one to condone. And the Wrong one to condemn.


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