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Tear Jerker / Imperio de cristal

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  • Claudio’s backstory, revealing that the kindhearted Manchild of the Lombardo family was once an average little boy who got abused and neglected enough by his own family (albeit unintentionally, in the second case). That ultimately takes a toll on his mind, causing his mind to break into age regression and becoming a Manchild.
    • To elaborate, two moments really stand out. The first is when little Claudio tries to wash Augusto's new L-Ps with soap. An angered Augusto beats him severly and pushes his body into a glass table, with such force that it breaks. By the time the other Lombardos find him, Claudio is left a broken mess, sobbing and muttering incoherences. And nobody knows why. The second was being sent into an insane asylum, because Augusto claimed that Claudio was not in his right state of mind and that he pushed himself into the glass table. And he was only a little child by the time. And he spends the rest of his childhood and teenage years in that place. The worst of it? The family already knew the abuse from Augusto to Claudio but they preferred to ignore it because sending the youngest Lombardo away was initially easier than coping with Augusto (with the exception of Julio, but there was nothing he could do about it). Losing it all but broke Claudio.
  • Octavio's death. He agonizes in front of a mocking Augusto, who tells him that he poisoned the figs. Later Claudio arrives, blaming himself for the incident, and they have a Tear Jerker conversation which concludes with Octavio begging his younger brother to act like a fool so Augusto won’t hurt him.
    • Not to mention what happens to poor Claudio while everyone else is at Octavio's funeral. Augusto chases him across the Lombardo manor with his dobarman Caligula so he wouldn't end up spilling the beans about Octavio's death. With no more escape routes, Augusto sets Caligula on his younger brother as everything fades into black, the only thing that can be heard are nothing but Claudio's cries. And then, we see that after the other Lombardos return from the funeral, we see Claudio as a broken mess, repeating a Madness Mantra
      • "Don’t touch me or I’ll break! I’ll break...I’ll break...I’ll a crystal!"
  • When Julio and Octavio’s widow wife force Claudio to declare who killed Octavio. He declares all he knows in a childish way (confusing the word "heart attack" with "heart break") only to end up with him sobbing in Julio’s arms
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  • The death of Uriel made an impact. Not at first— it is handled very quickly and matter of factly, and he was such a jerkass— but then you realize that his daughter Katia, who did not know his true colors, loved him so much.
  • Livia’s suicide attempt. And then Claudio arrives just in time. Their conversation is simply hearbreaking. Translated from Spanish:
    Claudio: Mom!
    Livia: I’m dying, Claudio...I’m dying.
    Claudio: No mother. Please, don’t!
    Livia: I have no more reasons to live
    Claudio: I love you, mom! Please don’t leave me! Don’t die!
    Livia: Augusto hates me now. He told me… to go to Hell. And that I wasn’t a goddess.
    Claudio: That’s not true! I always looked up to you. Don’t listen to Augusto. He’ll go to Hell for sure!
    Livia: Claudio, my son… Do you love me?
    Claudio: Yes, mom.
    Livia: I’ve always been a terrible mother to you.
    Claudio: That doesn’t matter. I love you and I will always take care of you. So please don’t hurt yourself. I need you. Please, don’t die, mom!
    Livia: I always neglected you. But you know what? You are the best of all my kids.

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