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Tear Jerker / Il Sole penetra le illusioni

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  • Near the end of the second episode, Akari crying into her aunt's lap while apologising over and over, while the aunt doesn't understand exactly what she's so upset about because she no longer has memories of Fuyuna.
    • The way he remembers and her reaction to Etia's explanation that if they had allowed her to be taken over by a Daemonia, they would have had to kill her. "Then you should have killed me!"
  • Episode 5
    Honda: I had wanted to be able to see Ginka's wedding...
    • Ginka being in tears as she deals the final blow to the aforementioned Monster of the Week, along with flashbacks to happy times with Honda, who had been like a second father to her.
  • Episode 6
    • We see Seira's backstory, and why she's so dedicated to Daemonia extermination; specifically, her best friend was killed by one while Seira watched.
    • The Monster of the Week turns out to be Hanae, a girl Seira had befriended earlier in the episode, and Seira has indirectly influenced her into making the decision to become a Daemonia.
    • On a similar note, Seira going to the hospital to visit Minori after the episode's battle, which once again drives home the fact that anyone who is killed while possessed by a Daemonia disappears from most people's memories.
    • Then the episode ends with Seira and Akari finally getting their issues out in the open, which finally brings Seira past her breaking point. The episode ends with her sobbing into Akari's arms.
    Seira: The one who lacked resolve was me... I was scared that something inside me would break.
  • Episode 8 has Ginka's death. It's made worse by the fact that she chose to fight her counterpart and go out that way, to the point of trying to do that by herself, and that the glass charm she made with the other girls in the previous episode drops to the ground and smashes right after the battle is over.
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  • Ginka's Stepford Smiler attitude can definitely pull some tears, especially when her facade breaks. Such as in episode 8, when she goes to see her father one last time before challenging her counterpart.
  • Episode 9:
    • Yataro visiting Sefiro Fiore.
    • How Cerebrum makes Luna susceptible to the Daemonia. He utilizes Akari's form, and uses it to pretty much throw everything Luna hates about herself into her face. The idea that Akari might like Seira more than her, that she's weak, worthless, etc., culminating in him stabbing her with the Emperor card. And he doesn't take off Akari's appearance until after Luna's transformation begins.
  • Episode 12:
    • While the whole ordeal is sooner Nightmare Fuel than it is a Tear Jerker, One can't help but feel sad for Akari as Cerebrum forces her to relive the day Fuyuna died, relishing in watching her struggle in vain to understand why Fuyuna became a Daemonia, until she's utterly broken.

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