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Tear Jerker / If/Then

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  • Lucas's unrequited love and obsession for Beth, to the point that he wants to be a Love Martyr.
  • "Hey, Kid," which triples as a Heartwarming Moment of Awesome Josh's solo as his wife goes into labor reflects his fear, disbelief, determination and joy:
    As a father, kid
    I may not have a clue
    But your mom and me will somehow muddle through
    If my asshole dad could do it - I can too
    In fact, I'll do better,
    I'll start new
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  • Because Liz never got the job of city planner, the deputy's nephew got the job. His terrible planning gets a child killed in traffic.
  • "Some Other Me." For context, Lucas and Beth have a stressful conversation several years after they last talked, where he's upset that she aborted their child without telling him.
  • Josh's death. Worse, Liz before he leaves has lots of Anger Born of Worry
    I love you
    I love you
    I love...d you!
  • Just knowing that Lucas doesn't meet David in the Beth storyline.

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